Sticky Situations
Sticky Situations
2019 • • 2h 2min • Action
0/5 • 6.3 / 10 IMDb

A single mother encountering life's struggles is faced with decisions that will change her life. She jumps into the business of illegal cannabis sales. She begins to draw attention from the neighborhood hustlers and the envy grows. Caught in a dilemma she has to make quick moves, but will she escape her unforeseen circumstances, or will she remain stuck in the Sticky Situation that she created?

For You
Hussan Hussain 3 months ago


Tiago Mateus 22 days ago


Tiago Mateus 22 days ago


Tiago Mateus 22 days ago


6 Reviews
Reviewed by Kebo La 0 / 5 1 month ago

Reviewed by phirireuben849p 0 / 5 1 month ago

Reviewed by Navneet Kishnawa 0 / 5 19 days ago

Reviewed by Joseh Macus 0 / 5 14 days ago

Reviewed by Osman Chek 0 / 5 13 days ago

Reviewed by Wissem Wissem 0 / 5 7 days ago

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